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Flat roofs notoriously love to leak due to inadequate drainage, and this only becomes more apparent as your roof gets older. Heat, wind, or storms may have caused irreversible damage to the original seams and screws, widening the path to further deterioration and leakage. You may be tempted to simply say enough is enough, rip off the old roof, and wave goodbye to a large chunk of money.

But wait! There is a better way, and it doesn’t include costly tear-off, lengthy installation, and business interruption. The solution is simple. Extend the life of your flat roof with a durable and seamless Roof Coating Restoration.

The team at United Building Consultants can take your decades-old, inefficient, leaky roof, and create a watertight protectional barrier, restoring your roof to optimal functionality.

Restoration VS  Replacement



Lower Upfront Investment
No need for landfill fees or roof tear-off expenses
Non-Disruptive to Your Business
Avoid distractions, downtime, or reduced productivity
Significant Tax Benefits
Deduct the entire investment in the current tax year
Reduced utility costs
Reduced heat transfer results in lower energy bills
Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof
Protects against damage from weather and UV light
Environmentally Friendly
Minimal supplies mean less waste and material in a lanfill

Discover If Roof Coating Restoration Is Right For Your Building

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The Simple Solution To Your Flat
Roof Problems

Roof Coating Restoration is the fastest growing roofing sector in America for a reason.

Installation Savings

The Eco-Hybrid Roof can be performed on most traditional roof substrates. Tear-off, land-fill fees, reconstruction, and long facility disruptions are eliminated.

UV Solar Shield

The Eco-Hybrid Roof have superior resistance to UV degradation than most traditional roofing materials.

Corrosion Barrier

The Eco-Hybrid Roof provides a reliable corrosion barrier for your roof, protecting it from adverse weather conditions, moisture, and deterioration.

Seamless Wind Protection

Once all joints, fasteners, and leaks are made watertight, layers of the fluid-applied membrane base and finish coats are applied as seamless wind and water barriers.

Climate Stability

Once cured, the fluid-applied membrane retains its flexible, watertight superiority in extremes of heat or cold, and dry or wet conditions.

State Of  The Art Technology

Proprietary formulations enhance key properties of roof restoration systems for strength, UV deterioration, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and longevity.

Discover If Roof Coating Restoration Is Right For Your Building

Take The Quiz Now


Joseph F.

"They provided roof restoration services for our 6000 sq ft commercial roof.  The roof had been leaking for nearly 2 years notwithstanding a number of attempts to repair the leak area.  They evaluated the problem and submitted a proposal to restore the roof with SPF application with a two-coat finish. They also provided references for similar restoration applications who gave high marks for the work performed and the responsiveness of their team. They completed the work quickly, professionally, cost-effectively and, most importantly, solved the leak problem. Highly recommend to solve your commercial roof problems!

Nick G.

"They did 2 commercial roofs and fixed ongoing problems that 2 other companies couldn't fix for years!"

Frankie F.

"Reasonably priced and respectful of my property. Didn't need to close down either. Will use for more projects."

Beth S.

"I have needed to replace my flat roof for some time.  After researching several companies, I decided to go with them.  I have been extremely pleased with the roof - went with a TPO membrane. Their office staff is friendly and responsive and all their roofing employees are excellent and friendly and always stopped whatever they were doing to answer any question that I had. The job, communication, and follow-up have been timely, professional, and helpful. The crew was not only courteous but also diligent in cleaning up after the installation. They left our premises spotless, which we truly appreciated. Would recommend this service.

Take our Quiz to Find Out if Roof Coating Restoration Would Be Right For Your Building!