4 Reasons Why You Should Never Replace Your Commercial Roof

If you own or manage an older commercial property that’s currently earning for you…

Then you know the value of a durable leak-free roof.

You also know that commercial roof replacement can be one of the most costly, stressful, and unwelcome parts of commercial property ownership.

But what if there was a better alternative?

What if you could get a brand new leak-free roof, for a fraction of the cost, without closing for business, and save 30% on your energy bill every month?

Well, you actually can. This alternative is called Commercial Roof Restoration.

It’s an ideal cost-effective solution for commercial flat roofs, and it’s been around since the sixties.

And here’s the first great thing about it:

#1 - No Need To Tear-Off And Dispose Of Your Old Roof

Commercial Roof Restoration is specifically designed to be applied over your existing flat roof - without the need for costly tear-off & disposal.

The conventional method of repairing a flat roof is either by patching, sealing, or complete replacement.

With Commercial Roof Restoration, a seamless UV-reflective liquid membrane is applied by a trained applicator. Commercial Roof Restoration has been used for decades across North America and it is highly regarded as one of the most durable commercial roofing solutions available.

In fact, it could last up to 50 years when properly maintained.

Rather than closing your business for weeks to replace your roof…

Now, with Commercial Roof Restoration, you can get it installed in a few days, while your business stays open!

#2 - Commercial Roof Restoration Can Increase Your Building's Energy Efficiency Up To 30%

Commercial Roof Restoration evenly coats your entire roof surface with a high-tech membrane that grows over 20x its original thickness when solidified. Most commercial roofs are darker in color, absorbing up to 85% of the UV rays, and transferring that heat directly to the inside of your building. This inefficiency can be directly solved with a Commercial Roof Restoration which is highly UV reflective.

Commercial Roof Restoration typically pays for itself in 5-7 years with the added energy efficiency. Perfectly sealing off the air-gaps in your roof and reflecting the sun's UV rays allows your building to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Not to mention, Commercial Roof Restoration comes with significant tax benefits:

#3 - Commercial Roof Restoration Is 100% Tax Deductible Under I.R.S. Section 179

As of 2018, commercial property owners are allowed to write off the cost of roof replacement or roof restoration within Year 1. Previously, any roof replacement or restoration expenses had to be amortized over 5 years.

That means you're able to write-off the entire cost of Commercial Roof Restoration right away, reap the benefits of the increased energy efficiency, and save significantly over traditional replacement.

Savings like these are quickly making Commercial Roof Restoration a simple "no brainer" for commercial property owners and managers alike.


#4 - Commercial Roof Restoration Is A Cost-Saving Alternative To Roof Replacement

Restore your commercial roof without any disruptions.

Commercial Roof Restoration for commercial flat roofs is about $3 to $5 per square foot. Added UV protection can cost $1 or $2 extra per square foot including labor.

This is significantly cheaper than $7 to $12 per square foot for a traditional tear-off, disposal, and full replacement. Roof Restoration requires a lot less product, at a cheaper cost, and less labor necessary for the job. It's a simpler, more efficient, and cost effective solution overall.

Discover If Commercial Roof Restoration Would Be Right For Your Building!

We’ve created a quiz to help you find out of Commercial Roof Restoration would be right for your building, so you can start:

  • making more on your RE investment,
  • saving thousands of dollars per year in energy costs,
  • keeping your business open (for just a few days of installation), and
  • increasing the value of your property for appreciation, or a later sale,

… plus much more!

Simply click the button below to take our quiz to discover if Roof Coating Restoration is right for your building:



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